jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Appenzeller Sennenhund

Appenzeller Sennenhund is a dog Bokugyu species originating from Switzerland. His appearance was like a dog Bernese Mountain Dog swiss origin because they are related.


Near the border with Austria, it has been produced in Apentsu~era State of Switzerland. In dogs made ​​with any of the relatives species by mating, such as Spitz type of dog, the other you have been making induction as same Bokugyu dog Maki goat dog and Entorebuhha, pulling a heavy cart loaded with milk, mountain is a reliable dog species that also serves as a rescue dog when the avalanche came out occurs or victim in.

Less number in rare breeds as well, but there is also the time that it was said to likely to be the most extinct in relatives species, is popular in Switzerland, and gained popularity and is focused in Europe . Breed club also is getting increase the number was launched, currently remains that although less extinction of the crisis is still rare is not. The FCI was certified in 1889. KUT WOUS

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